Detect & Fix Internet Speed Throttling by Your ISP | Step-by-Step Guide


It has been an essential element of our lives, and we depend upon it to do everything, from entertainment to work. But, at times, the internet provider (ISP) may limit the speed of our internet which makes it hard to accomplish everyday tasks. We’ll discuss the definition of speed throttling and the most common signs of it, as well as how to determine if your Internet speed is being slowed. We’ll also offer suggestions for fixing an internet speed that is throttled.

Understanding Internet Speed Throttling

Internet speed throttling happens the time when your ISP deliberately reduces the speed of the speed of your internet connection. It could be for many reasons, including traffic congestion on the network or limit data transfer. This results in an unreliable internet connection which makes it hard to download videos, stream videos and browse the internet.

Common Symptoms of Throttled Internet Speed

There are some indications that your internet connection may be being slowed by your Internet service provider. This includes:

  • Slow speeds for upload and download
  • Stuttering or buffering occurs when streaming videos
  • Slow page loading times
  • Slow file downloads
  • Video call quality is poor

If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms It could be the right time to see if your Internet speed is being slowed.


  • Explain what internet speed throttling is and why it happens
  • Discuss the common signs that your internet speed is being throttled
  • Outline different methods to detect if your internet speed is being throttled, including speed tests, monitoring usage and comparing test results to your internet plan
  • Offer solutions for fixing a throttled internet speed, such as contacting your ISP, upgrading your plan or using a VPN

How to Detect if Your Internet Speed is Being Throttled

There are many ways you can determine if your internet connection is being cut from your Internet provider.

Run an Internet Speed Test

The first step to identify Internet speed throttling is to conduct an online speed test. There are a variety of free speed tests online like as well as Visit one of these sites and take a test to check the speed of your internet.

Compare Test Results to Your Internet Plan

When you have the results of your speed test take a look at them and compare them with the plan that you are paying for. If you find that your internet speeds are considerably slower than what you pay for, it could be an indication you’re internet connection has been reduced.

Test Your Speed at Different Times of the Day

It’s an excellent idea to conduct numerous speed tests during different periods during the day. This will help you gain an understanding of how the speed you get from your internet changes throughout the day and will help you to determine if there’s any pattern to the throttle.

Check Your Usage with the Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Another way to spot Internet throttling is to monitor your use using a tool to monitor bandwidth. These tools monitor your internet usage and give you real-time information regarding your internet speed and use. The most popular tools for monitoring bandwidth are GlassWire along with NetWorx.

How to Fix Throttled Internet Speed

If you’ve discovered that your internet connection is being slowed there are some actions you can take to solve the issue.

Contact Your ISP

The first step to fix the issue of a slow internet connection is to call your ISP. Discuss the issue and ask them if there’s something that they could do to boost the speed of your internet. They might be able to fix the issue or provide the possibility of upgrading to more speedy internet plan.

Upgrade Your Plan

If your ISP throttling cannot resolve this issue, it might require upgrading your internet service to a speedier option. This can dramatically increase your speed on the internet and stop the throttle.

Use a VPN

Another way to get rid of an internet speed that is slow is to make use of the VPN. A virtual private network (VPN). A VPN protects your web traffic and then routes it to a secure server, which makes it harder for the ISP to limit your internet connection. This could result in an improvement in your speed when surfing the internet.


Internet speed throttling could be an unsettling situation, but with proper tools and knowledge, you can identify and correct the issue. If it’s about making contact with your ISP or upgrading your plan or employing the VPN There are a variety of options you can follow to enhance your internet speed and stop throttles. When you’re having issues with slow Internet look into these options and experience a speedier and more reliable internet connection.

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